Cult of Clever ~revisited!!~

public - created 01/19/04
An open forum for the use and abuse and amuse of CLEVER and witty repartee.
To challenge your words and brains to think overtime or to multitask or to make people think.
A forum for laughing and fun. RSS Feed what is XML?
SF  topic
I'm Hot  topic
this ought to make you flip out JL...  topic
Now this guy is clever  topic
Buy me this  topic
Fugly has a new posterchild...  topic
What kind of gay are you?  topic
Butt first...  topic
For the love of all that is good and holy  topic
Cool  topic
you MIGHT be a red stater...  topic
XXX Dinosaur Park  topic
a clever subject...  topic
Computer Haiku  topic
Computer protection  topic
sorry all you windows users out there...  topic
the fall of western civilization  topic
This one's for you, JL  photo flag
big fat surprise...  topic
NO WAY!!!!  topic
here...  topic
And my head just exploded  topic
And my head just exploded.......  photo flag
hours of fun  topic
I think this epitomizes...  topic

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